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Abducted To Kill, the movie—Higher Ground Films

Recently VOP Founder, Lois Kanalos caught up with Porter L.Versfelt III and Pola Muzyka, both producers of the upcoming film, ‘Abducted To Kill’

Pola“My work as actress, producer, writer and director has taken me across much of the globe from the catacombs of Rome and Cinecitta Studios, to sound booths in London’s Twickenham Studios to movie lots on Los Angeles’s Paramount, Screen Gems and Warner Bros Studios. The part I like best about working in the film business is seeing the films come together to touch the hearts of awaiting audiences and I look forward to making this happen with a message of hope, forgiveness and love through our movie, Abducted to Kill.” 

“Our latest efforts are in securing the funding to our first Christian film. We hope you can join us in encouraging, promoting, liking our PR efforts, and praying for the success of this and future films. Thank you in advance.” —Pola Muzyka

557613_300x300Porter Versfelt has spent some thirty years in motion picture production. In his words,

“I am most passionate about discovering that production planning and storytelling support one another and cannot exist alone. The story of Abducted to Kill is complex and yet also exhilarating and am privileged to be working                                                          on this film.” —Porter Versfelt, III 

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – A team of veteran motion picture and television production professionals are producing a movie titled Abducted To Kill, which they hope will bring awareness to the growing problem of worldwide persecution and the killing of people just because of their faith. The killing and persecution of Christians ranks highest on the list of this type of irrational intolerance.

Our primary mission at Higher Ground Films is to reach out to the world with high-quality motion pictures, television programs and other creative digital content in positive and uplifting ways. Through the stories we tell, we are sharing a message of hope and love.

The Story of Abducted To Kill – Based In The Islamic Republic of Iran

WorldWatch and other organizations state that Iran persecutes Christians in systemic and prolific ways. Abducted to Kill takes you inside the heart of the lives of the persecuted in Iran–believers who keep their faith alive under the most extreme circumstances. The motion picture Abducted To Kill is the story of a young man’s abduction (an American of Iranian heritage named Joseph) to fight and kill in the terrorist army of the Iranian Hezbollah, his determination to maintain his faith in God at all costs, and his miraculous escape and harrowing journey back to the United States and safety.

Full Story Synopsis: http://abductedtokillmovie.com/movie-story-synopsis/

Abducted_to_KillWhy We Are Making This Film

Abducted To Kill is a compelling drama inspired by true stories, but with fictional composite characters depicting the religious persecution of Muslims who choose a faith outside of Islam. This is not an anti-Muslim film, though persecution of Christians and others by the Islamic regime in Iran at the time of the Iran/Iraq war will be illustrated.

Our purpose in making this film is to show how God’s mercy, love, and forgiveness shines through his people under the most extreme circumstances and how many are forced to hide their faith in order to survive.

Is Religious Persecution of Christians Really As Common As Some Say?

Most of us are vaguely aware of the persecution of Christians around the world and say it is evil and must be stopped, but what do we really know about this tragic issue? Religious persecution is a growing trend in all religions. The persecution and brutal murders of Christians is highest and growing every year.

Muslims turned Christian die in horrendous ways because of a belief in Jesus Christ. The United Nations, United States Congress, the British Parliament, the Vatican, and many other credible organizations have studied and reported about this rising problem. The Holy See estimates that an average of 100,000 Christians and upwards are murdered each year worldwide for their faith.

VOP is thankful that others are bringing more awareness of the horrific crisis, Christian persecution. With our freedoms here in the West, it is hardly imaginable the atrocities faced by faithful in other parts of the world.


We appreciate the efforts of Higher Ground Films in bringing Abducted To Kill to the screen. To learn more and help support this project CLICK HERE. Keep updated on the movie’s progress on the films Facebook page.

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  1. Thank-you so much Lois for giving our film ABDUCTED TO KILL coverage.

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