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Amazing Video Of Chinese Believers Getting 1st Bibles

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A short video about Chinese believers receiving their first Bible.  Let us be grateful and remember how precious the gift of God’s Word is. And let’s honor Him by reading it, if only one chapter a day. Pray for the Church in China. Pray for the Underground Church.


  1. heavenlyinspirationtoday says:

    Reblogged this on Heavenly Inspiration Today and commented:
    Brings tears of joy to my eyes

  2. Reminds me of privilege I had smuggling Bibles into China in 1990’s. We often didn’t see the end user. But as a teacher in China we used creative ways of sharing Bibles and students inhaled them as fast as we could give them. In class one day, I passed around various pieces of ‘Americana’ that I thought they would be interested in. One decoy item was a Denny’s menu showing pictures of common meals. Another was a calendar with beautiful USA nature scenes with scripture verses. But the best reaction came from a couple of actual NT Bibles that had pictures of butterflies on the cover. Students, once they realized what they had, did not want to pass it along. One girl in particular I remembered opened to a random page and furiously copied as many words as possible! After class, I privately gave her the entire Bible. She was amazed. She came from a small village hours away from the university and had only heard of the Bible until then! We should never take God’s Word for granted. It carries the awesome power of God unto salvation.

  3. UR welcome! I appreciate your diligence @ VOPersecuted bringing the amazing and at times heartbreaking stories of Christian persecution to our attention on a daily basis. God bless your efforts. Be our conscience!

  4. Bro. Nick says:

    Oh how I thank and Praise “THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY” for providing His Holy Word to our CHRISTian Brothers and Sisters in China – and to other ‘Restricted’ countries – where there is true spiritual hunger to read, and to learn, and to live, and to tell others of the only ‘Good News’ that there is – The Truth of The Gospel of The LORD Jesus Christ.

    There is an immediate and extreme need for 38 MILLION copies of the Holy Bible in China. This need is also true for our CHRISTian Brethren in many other ‘Restricted’ countries? ‘Asia Harvest’ is a ministry working alongside the already established and mature House Churches in China and other Asian countries – to provide Holy Bibles to them, and work along side and with them in other CHRISTian Ministry needs.

    Let us often remember and earnestly pray for our persecuted CHRISTian Brethren who are living – and dying for their Faith in “THE LORD GOD” – TODAY – ALL AROUND THE WORLD:
    “Those who boldly follow (The LORD Jesus) Christ—in spite of government edict or radical opposition—can face harassment, arrest, torture and even death. Yet CHRISTians continue to meet for worship and to witness for (Jesus) Christ, and the church in restricted nations is growing.”

    It is past time here in “Amerika” for all that are truly converted, blood-bought, born-again believers in The LORD Jesus Christ – CHRISTians – to actually live out our faith in Him – to pray, to help, and to sacrificially give: “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” (James 1:22 – KJV)

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