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All Civilians Subject To Persecution-What Is Driving The Uncontrolled Violence In The CAR?

Children of Car, all they know is war

Children of Car, all they know is war

It is reported that today, John Kerry is in Africa with ‘tough messages, for Sudan and the CAR to curtail the violence in both area’s.  And that he was prepared to instill sanctions.  That’s his answer to the violence.  (More)

Violence in the CAR continues as evidenced by the recent attack on a Hospital in Boguila resulting in the deaths of 16 people. One of those killed was a Doctor with the aid group Doctors Without Borders.

Since the takeover of the government there, and the coup against Bozize, the Seleka have continued their murderous rampage, with the government unable to control them. They were driven from area’s in the CAR and the new president vow’s that the ‘New Army’ will rid the area of violence. But so far, this has not happened. Chadian forces were brought into the mix, but left after they fired on a group and killed Christians. The Chadian forces were accused of partiality toward the Muslims.

CAR rebel factions

CAR rebel factions

The Anti-Balaka have been touted by the media as a Christian group seeking revenge for Seleka atrocities. We have done extensive research on this group. They are far from Christian. It is claimed the group was formed as vigilantes to aid in protecting Christians being attacked by the formwe self proclaimed President Michel Djotodia. Who has trained and supplying this group that the government now cannot control. We have one video report from a news agency that clearly show’s that many of the Anti-Balaka are ex-military. The Seleka and Anti-Balaka have many members from both groups fighting together.

We have also raised questions about the Lord’s Resistance Army, as many of the practices of the Anti-Balaka are very similar  to the LRA. The international community has been tracking the LRA for years, with reports that they are still in the CAR. Recently it was released that a Junior Commander from the Lord’s Resistance Army was captured and arrested in the CAR. They may have moved underground, but they are still operating in these areas. We know there is a fight for control of oil rich lands there also. Who or what is pushing this ethnic cleansing in the land ? Even Christian news agencies are simply reporting that the Ant-Balaka are a Christian group seeking revenge.


This is an evil presence that is quickly becoming an equal to Hitler’s ideology in WW2.  The ravaged populace is seeking refuge in churches and hospitals, and the rebels are attacking aid workers and places of refuge.  This seems not a conventional war. If it were, the Geneva Convention would come into play.  Doctor’s Without Borders is one of the only aid agencies left  and now they are being forced to pull out.  Fides agency reports this quote from Doctors Without Borders:

“We are extremely shocked and saddened by the brutal violence used against our health workers team and against the community. This scary incident has forced us to withdraw staff and suspend activities in Boguila” said the Head of Mission for DWB in the Central African Republic.

The attacks on aid workers is a growing concern.  Not only agencies like Doctors Without Borders, but private workers trying to administer whatever aid they can.  A motive of these rebels— to attack first responders.  We see  over and over with the suicide bombings.  They are not planting explosives in multiple areas. One to go off on their target, and one to go off when the first responders arrive.  This is pure evil and cowardice.  There is no honor as they claim.  Honor in killing for their god, but no god would give honor for those who kill the helpless, wounded, and innocent.

What is his future? Be his VOICE

What is his future? Be his VOICE

This is also rampant from Sudan to Nigeria.  The super highway of terror connecting the regions of  Africa.  In Egypt, the recent rape of a young, six year old boy by a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He claims that he was teaching the boy a lesson. The child was singing about the new leader of Egypt.  General Sisi.  Again, how do they find honor in such an atrocity committed against an innocent child, the most vulnerable.  A command for rape and torture to teach a child, or anyone a lesson does not come from God.

In Nigeria they are holding at last count 230 school girls hostage.  The Boko Haram kidnapped them, force them to convert to Islam, forced into marriage while they use them as sex and domestic slaves.  This is their M.O.  Again, how does one find honor in this?  No one after the initial shock has reported further on the recent Abuja Bombing, where is the media?  This was no ordinary suicide bombing, stronger, and deadlier and more sophisticated than previous attacks.  Why?  Where are they obtaining their weapons?  Why won’t the media continue to investigate and report? It has also been suggested that the military is helping and giving aid to the Boko Haram. Where is the UN Human Rights Council?  The religious leaders have repeatedly stated that this is a political war and not a religious war. A persecuted Christian has pleaded with us to get the media more involved, to inform the international community of the truth. From our discussion, one of his questions keeps resounding in our minds—So we have no way out?


NIGERIA: Abducted School Girls Forced To Marry Radical Islamic Captors


photo: (AP)

By Emma Ovuakporie, Joseph Erunke, Johnbosco Agbakwuru & Ndahi  Marama
ABUJA—The Federal Government, yesterday, made a passionate appeal to parents of 234 female students of a secondary school in Chibok, Borno State, who were abducted by Boko Haram terrorists, to give it more time for rescue operation even as four more girls were said to have escaped from the terrorists’ den.

The government appeal came on a day the Senate called for full scale military campaign against the insurgents, just as the House of Representatives summoned the Chief of Defence Staff and all the Service Chiefs to appear before it and explain how the abducted girls would be rescued.

Also, the senator representing Borno North, Ahmed Zanna claimed, yesterday, that he informed the military as the terrorists were moving the girls from one place to the other but the military failed to act on time.

Parents protest at National Assembly

One of the lucky abducted students in Chibok who was later rescued and being handed over by her parents at school premises on Monday. Photo by Ndahi Maiduguri.

Minister of Women Affairs, Hajia Zainab Maina, while addressing the parents of the abducted girls, who stormed the National Assembly to protest what they described as the insensitivity of the Federal Government to their plight since the abduction of the girls, said concerted efforts were being made by the security forces to secure their release.

The aggrieved parents in black attires and armed with various placards had early in the day staged a peaceful demonstration at the popular Eagle Square before moving to the National Assembly where they staged another peaceful demonstration, demanding the immediate intervention of President Goodluck Jonathan for the rescue of their daughters before any harm was done to any of them.

Speaking on behalf of the parents under the umbrella of Kibaku Area Development Association, KADA, Mrs Naomi Mutah lamented that it was “painful that our daughters were carried away into the wilderness over 15 days now like cows to be slaughtered. Since then, we have not heard any thing from the Federal Government. READ MORE from Vanguard (Nigeria)

Amazing Video Of Chinese Believers Getting 1st Bibles

A short video about Chinese believers receiving their first Bible.  Let us be grateful and remember how precious the gift of God’s Word is. And let’s honor Him by reading it, if only one chapter a day. Pray for the Church in China. Pray for the Underground Church.



At 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 in the HVC Studio A, The Capitol.

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) will call on President Obama to send President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush to South Sudan to help resolve the ongoing crisis, which is eerily reminiscent of the genocide that started to unfold in Rwanda 20 years ago this month.

Wolf, who has travelled six times to Sudan and South Sudan and has long been recognized in Congress for his work in this region, has been in contact with an expert who was in South Sudan in recent days and witnessed the atrocities taking place.  He has shared graphic photos of mass killings, some which Wolf will show at the press conference.

“President Obama must do more to resolve this crisis,” Wolf said.  “America helped give birth to South Sudan.  We have a moral obligation to act.  The killing must stop.  Both sides are at fault and by immediately dispatching President Clinton and President Bush to help negotiate a halt to these killings, we would unequivocally convey to the long-suffering people of that nation that this is a U.S. foreign policy priority.”

“If President Obama does not do something he will have to go to South Sudan and apologize for what happened like President Clinton did in Rwanda in March of 1998,” Wolf continued.  “President Clinton has called what happened in Rwanda ‘his personal failure.’  If nothing is done to stop the senseless killing in South Sudan, it will be on President Obama’s conscience.”

Wolf for months has been pushing the Obama Administration to do more.  In December, he publically called on Secretary of State Kerry to enlist the help of President Bush and the Bush Presidential Center to engage the leaders of South Sudan to bring an end to the crisis, highlighting the fact that intensive diplomacy during the Bush Administration in negotiating the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) resulted in lasting relationships between the Bush team and the current leadership of South Sudan.

“I have not only read about the massacres but have heard directly from a reliable source on the ground,” Wolf said.  “I have heard of civilians, including women and children, indiscriminately targeted and killed; I learned of houses of worship turned from places of sanctuary to mass graves; I have been told of ethnic divisions that now run so deep they could take a generation to heal.  I have to believe cables are being sent to Washington that tell this same story.  People who are in a position to help know what is happening.  It is time to do something, or this is going to be Rwanda all over again.

Pray For Alireza Seyyedian From Iran Chained For Christ

Please alert believers everywhere to uplift brother Alireza Seyyedian with prayers and intercession. He has sacrificed his Freedom, Comfort, and family for his love of Christ, Iranian judges are very severe with former Muslims that convert to Christianity.

Alireza Seyyedian, has been a Christian since 2006. In 2011 his apartment was raided and his computer was stolen. It contained a video of his baptism and for this he was arrested. His sentence: 6 years + 90 lashes. This April marked his 3rd year in prison. Currently, he has been vomiting, having seizures and unable to sleep.”

Lord, do not just let him survive, but thrive for you in prison! Give him your miraculous strength to press on towards the goal!


Three Egyptian Cousins Go to Libya; None Comes Back Alive

Benghazi, Libya. (Wikimedia, Dennixo)

Benghazi, Libya. (Wikimedia, Dennixo)

(Morning Star News) – The youngest cousin was carried back home in an ambulance, half dead with a bullet lodged in his skull. The next came back to the village just a month after he left, to be buried in a Coptic cemetery.
Another cousin disappeared in 2012; he is thought to have been taken by Islamic militants and hasn’t been heard from since.
For Christians in Egypt, the word “Benghazi” has become synonymous with death; for them, the seaside capital of Libya and surrounding area have gone from a place where Copts went to pursue better economic opportunities to one where they go and die.
In a quest to rid the city of Christians, Islamic militants have turned the area into a danger zone for Copts. Since March of last year, 13 Egyptian Christians have been killed there. Egyptian newspapers have been full of stories of Copts being arrested without cause, rounded up and executed or gunned down at their workplaces.
For one extended Coptic family in Egypt, the killings aren’t mere headlines; they have suffered the loss of two relatives, and likely a third, to Benghazi gunmen. They are the only extended family in Egypt known to have lost more than one member in Benghazi.
Though members of the family are emotionally torn, they say they have to accept the killings with faith. Noushy Saaed Tawfik, an uncle to one of the killed men, told Morning Star News, “We accept God’s burden upon us, and we accept His will.” READ MORE

A Minor Gang Raped in Pakistan


According to the reports, the incidents of gang rape in the central Punjab have drastically increased, and the law enforcing agencies are acting as silent observers.

Sara, a seven year old Christian girl, was reportedly gang raped by 4 Muslims in Mally ki Village of Daska Sialkot Pakistan. The minor was immediately transported to the DHQ (District Head Quarters) Hospital Sialkot in a critical condition. She is in the ICU in an unstable/critical condition.

The locals, with the help of the police, abducted the girl`s father, Iqbal Masih, to pressure the family not to file a case, and to come to an agreement with the culprits and to avoid a religious issue.

The Christian community tried to talk to the police, but the police seems helpless in recovering Masih from the local landlord. Despite several attempts, the police refused to comment/talk about the hideous incident. READ MORE

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The Stench of Death, Abomination & Devastation Coming From The Middle East & Africa


There is an ever increasing highway that is being built in the Middle East and Africa.  It is no longer tribal factions fighting over grazing land, or water rights.  This is a blackness of untold magnitude that is spreading from the east to the west.  And it’s growing like a cancer.  It has been covered in a fog from the bottom to the top.  The bottom with the media, and the top with Governments.  The media is working alongside the governments in these areas and the West to cover and distract the world from knowing the truth.

We get only snapshots of terror, that they like to blame on tribal fighting, and small groups of religious zealots,  & civil wars over evil dictators. It works for the most part because it guides the public into thinking it’s the same old fight that’s been going on for centuries—why worry about it.

This is not the truth.  There is a terrible highway being built by evil factions that have one agenda.  Though they are a mixed people they have one goal in mind, and that is to kill everyone and everything that is different from them.  If you don’t believe in their brand of god, than you will die.  They don’t care about life, they have no regard for it.  While talking with a Christian brother from this region, I have come to understand that there are nearly 100 different sects of people who follow Islam.  And none of them seem to know which or who will go into ‘paradise’ with their God.  So they are all bent on killing seeing this as the sure way to guarantee their entry into paradise.  To die in battle fighting in the name of Allah.

So as the media and the West fiddles, so to speak, the middle east and Africa are on fire.  In Syria there has been a battle cry raised, a cry that commands all to come and fight.  This is not war in the conventional sense, this is not the Syrian people raising up to topple an evil dictator.  This is a Holy War, a jihad commanded by a Holy Book. With an end outcome of causing chaos, while ridding the world of non-believers so that their Mahdi/savior can appear.

Leaders in the Middle East supplying the means to martyrs to wreak havoc and slaughter everything in their path.  Abomonation means evil, and this is a picture of the worse evil causing astounding devastation. Look at Syria and the devastation there not only to the land, but to the people.  Millions have fled, hundreds of thousands have died in heinous ways.  The devastation continue while most in the West distract, distract, distract from the truth.

In Somalia today, Charisma magazine is reporting that a woman who converted to Christianity was dragged from her home and shot in the street with the community watching.  Some tried to help her, and so they fired into the crowd.  This was Al-shabab.  (More)  Al-shabab is connected to Al-queda via the terror network that is spreading through a super highway of evil.  These evil abominations have manifested themselves and are targeting governments and officials in an attempt to rid the regions of ‘Christians.’

This is happening in Somalia, Nigeria, Syria, Lybia, and the CAR.  Look at all the deaths to the lawmakers there in recent past.  And this is the claim made by these incendiary thugs.  They are ridding their land of Christians and those who take money from the West.  This is happening in Nigeria, it’s happening in the CAR, it’s happening in Libya, Pakistan,  & Afghanistan.  It’s time for the world to wake up!

While they have unleashed this snake, dragon, beast, a silent genocide is being carried out.  While they terrorize communities, innocents, and governments, the west is silent.  They have created these groups Al-qaeda-like, to do their dirty work like in Afghanistan, with proxy wars and now they can’t control them. They can’t do anything but watch.  Watch in horror as Christians and the worse slaughter in history takes place.  This will go down in history as the second holocaust.  A holocaust like the first, as the world was silent while it’s carried out. And they are silent for the second holocaust.  So maybe some of our questions have been answered.  The West and the world is complicit in this slaughter.  And Christians and other minorities are indeed just collateral damage.


While the stench of death rises in every part of these regions, the governments are dividing up the spoils. Land, minerals, oil, diamonds and wealth.  And if you enter that door to the East and Africa and get past the stench of death, you see a picture of human rights violations that make the civil rights of the 60’s and the Nazi movement of WWII that makes them pale in comparison.

In Pakistan alone, did you know that most public water wells and fountains specifically only for Muslims? This is not an isolated incident when the Christian woman, (Asia Bibi) was sentenced to death for drinking out of a Muslim well. It is considered that a Christian will defile the water. I have talked to another Christian brother who say’s this is the norm.  Christians are not allowed to drink from public water, they are not allowed to eat in many public places. And they are spat on, beat, mocked and threatened with death for doing the things that we take for granted.

Children are exploited, raped, prostituted and executed. In Libya, I have spoken to a young Christian who is beat regularly, and threatened with death by his own family for his faith in Christ.  He is constantly in fear for his life, quite possibly by the hands of his relatives. Where is the outcry from the Human Rights committees? We can’t hear them…silenced by greed and world leaders.


Remember nothing is as it seems.  Understand what is happening .  Recognize the symptoms of evil, and corruption.  The thrawls of death have it’s claws into the innocents and it will not let go, until they have eliminated them.

By C. Refsland, VOP Advocate/News Analyst

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