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Save 26 year old Rayhaneh Jabbari from being hanged in Iran

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Rayhaneh Jabbari
Naghmeh Abedini has made us aware of a young woman who is about to be hanged in Iran. As Christians we know that the heart of God is love for all humanity regardless of their beliefs and background. Human Rights Movements, defense of innocent human life (sanctity of life), and equality for all have started with Christians. This is why we see such blessings and freedom in Nations that have been founded on Biblical principles and vise versa (the lack of these freedoms and value for human life) in nations that have rejected the message of Christ. As Christians, we should be at the forefront of defending human life.We ask you to sign this petition and ask others to do so. One human life matters to God. We ask you to pray for Reyhaneh, that she would know the Love of Jesus Christ and be renewed by His Love. As God has placed Pastor Saeed in Evin and then Rajei Shahr prison (and now in the hospital) to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ, that the Lord would also place people in Reyhaneh’s path to lead her to the most fulfilling relationship of all through forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ.

  Rayhaneh Jabbari is sentenced to hang for killing her rapist in self defense in Iran

Reyhaneh Jabbari is at risk of imminent execution for having killed a member of the Iranian intelligence services, Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, a physician, who was attempting to rape her. Her execution verdict has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

Rayhaneh Jabbari is a 26 six year old woman who has been in prison for the last 7 years and is awaiting imminent execution[ by hanging].

Rayhaneh, an interior designer, was speaking on the phone about her work in a coffee shop, a conversation which was coincidentally overheard by Morteza who approached her for professional advice about renovating his office. They then set a date to meet at his office in order to see and discuss Morteza’s renovation project.

On the day of the meeting, Morteza picked up Rayhaneh in his car. On the way to his office, Morteza stopped at a pharmacy, purchased an item (while Rayhaneh waited in the car), got into the car again and drove to his office. After arriving at their destination, Rayhaneh realized that the place did not look like a work place at all as it was a rundown house. Inside the house, Rayhaneh saw two drinks on the table, Morteza went inside and quickly locked the door from inside, put his arms around Rayhaneh’s waist and told her that “she had no way of escaping”. A struggle soon ensued. Rayhaneh trying to defend herself stabbed Morteza in the shoulder and escaped. Morteza died from bleeding.

Lab analysis showed the drinks Morteza intended to serve to Rayhaneh contained sedatives. Regardless, Rayhaneh was arrested. There she was told by the authorities that the murder had been set up [by them] and was “politically motivated”. Nevertheless, Rayhaneh was tortured until she confessed to the murder, after she was given the death penalty which was upheld by the Supreme Court. As a result she is to be executed at any moment.

An interrogator went to the apartment and made a report. At that time Reyhaneh clearly stated to the investigator that she was innocent, that she had met Morteza for business meeting, and that said she killed him only in self defense to stop him from rape.

“The evening I was there, I knew that he wanted to rape me, so because of self defense I stabbed him and escaped,” she said.

During a meeting concerning the case at the Criminal Court Branch 74, the family of the victim — one girl and two boys — stood up and demanded a “death sentence.”

Reyhaneh explained that she had to defend herself: “

Now, any moment it is possible for her to be hanged. Her crime is self defense and she does not deserve to die. Please do not allow her to be hanged; she is now waiting for our help and support.

NOTE: In Iran men and women, including some minors, face execution everyday for some 131 offenses punishable by death under the fundamentalist Islamic Republic. Some of these crimes include adultery, theft, homosexuality, drug possession and political dissidence. Iran hangs more people per capita than any other country in the world, Since President Rohani’s election; there has been a sharp increase in executions. Trials in Iran fall short of International standards and the majority of those hanged did not even have access to a lawyer, jury, or even evidence.




  1. Julian Kennedy says:

    Yes this is unjust but we cannot claim God loves her. Jesus said he loved his sheep for who he came to die-there are also goats. May she come to know him and then she will know the love of God. “Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated. Romans 9.

    • We believe God is drawing and wants all people to find their way to Him. There are thousands of stories of Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere coming to Christ through dreams and visions. In places where they know becoming a Christian will most likely bring extreme persecution (mainly from their own family)or death upon them. We believe God does love them and is why He is reaching out where others do not go. The love of Christ is a divine love that runs divinely deep!

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