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CAR Update: Still Unclear Warlords? Rebels? & Who Is Igniting The Flames?

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This video is one of the most detailed we’ve seen lately coming out of the CAR.  It visits the Seleka camps and the Anti-Balaka camp.  I sat in simple confusion many questions.  Every answer they give raises new questions, and show’s just how volatile and chaotic this region is.  At the beginning we found that the Seleka were Muslim, that they overthrew the government in 2013 and Michael Djotida  claimed himself to be president.  The Seleka went unchecked, I would have to say due to the instability of the military.  Another rebel group formed called the Anti-balaka.  They were quickly labeled as a Christian group, seeking revenge.  Even though the Muslims and Christians lived side by side for years without conflict and grew friendships.  Until recently that is, at least according to media reports.  Religious leaders and others have repeatedly said this is not a religious war, but a political one.  However it certainly looks at times like just that.  This video points out the commander of the Anti-Balaka is friends with a Seleka rebel, and it clearly show’s Christians involved in the Seleka.  It also points out clearly that many of the Anti-Balaka are ex-military commanders. Remember when the Anti-Balaka first came into light, they said they were a Christian group seeking revenge.  Now we find out many of them are ex-Military.   They are now in Jail and are guarded by the very men they used to command in the military.  The Government has labeled them terrorists.  But are working them in other regions.  When the Military fails and the government lets chaos ensue, this is what you get.  And people are suffering.  People are fleeing, people are forced into camps where the rebels hide as refugees.  It appears that the government is trying to pull the 2 sides together to form a legitimate military.  Or are they still pitting neighbor against neighbor?  Pray for the people of this region.  Pray for clarity for the leaders as well as the religious leaders.  Pray for caring hands.

From France 24 posted today:



  1. alkidya says:

    Who is financing these rebel groups? If we can get to the bottom of where the money comes from, for weapons, etc., we may solve the problems with the CAR and other African regions.

  2. alkidya says:

    Yes, I pray for clarity in the CAR but I also pray for Islam to go away so that there can be peace in the world. I blame the ideology of Islam for most of the worlds war and violence. Islam is a political ideology bent on world conquest, but it hides behind the sheep’s clothing of religion in order to usurp within governments and other social and political institutions within the ‘dar al Harb’ or ‘land of war’. Once Islam has taken over a country it enforces the sharia law and that country becomes dar al Islam.
    This is a bottom-up and top-down conquering ideology and this can be seen in the way women are forced to convert into Islam even through rape jihad.
    Christians are forced to convert at the killing ends of guns or a swords.
    Islam hasn’t changed in 1400-plus years and I don’t expect it ever will change. The only way out is death.

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