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Are Middle Eastern Christians Considered Collateral Damage?

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My Heart goes out to the people of Ukraine, but as I received a comment today from a Sister in Christ that got me thinking.  Since the world is focused on Ukraine, and Russia, and they are very fixated on this.  Media reports that lead to believe that all that remains is the first shot.  Some of the media reports indeed seem staged.  I watched one popular news channel, parade pictures all evening last night of ordinary citizens of Ukraine, posing with armed soldiers like it was a summer parade or picnic.  On the other hand, I saw pictures of  Russian troops with priests in the background carry a large cross standard.  But while we are all focused on Russia, as we should be concerned, but what is happening in Syria?

What is happening in Israel, and Iran, and Libya?  Libya is a hot bed again, killing Christians, threatening Christians either convert or die.  Parts of Syria have turned completely insane. There are reports coming out of Syria that ISIS, Iraq and the Levant have taken over large swaths of Christian communities and they are demanding that Christians either convert, or be killed or pay a tax of 500.00 per person.  I’ve heard it called dhimmitude, I’ve heard it called Jizya. (More)

This is ‘Sharia Law’ 101.  Most westerners know nothing of this practice.  It’s oppressive and the penalty for not paying this tax is death or worse.   Whatever it is, it’s hideous, appalling and unspeakable, that in the modern world that the west enjoys that one would think that this could actually happen.  Open doors is reporting that Syrian Christians are running out of options.  Mission Network News is also reporting:

Syria (MNN) — Ukraine has taken over the world’s spotlight, but developments in Syria are cause for concern: believers are running out of options. David Curry of Open Doors USA explains: “Over the past several months, Christians have increasingly been caught in the cross-fire of the battle between those that are loyal to the government and the Muslim extremists.“Some extremist groups have been quoted as saying, ‘We’ll either kill you or you’ll have to leave.’ There’s a concerted effort to put Christians in the middle of these battles because they want them to leave; they want to impose Sharia law.”

Iran continues to spew hatred about Israel and the US.  World leaders have seemed recently to actually be welcoming chaos and anarchy.  It’s as if they want this to re-shape the world.  I asked the question on a previous post, and that was ‘Do you suppose that Christians are just collateral damage?’


Do you suppose that they know that the western world as a whole, is not informed about the plight of the Christians?  Do you suppose that in their zeal to re-shape the world into a ‘New World Order’  that Christians are just insignificant?

Well in Africa, evidently chaos and anarchy has blinders.  In the North Boko Haram are killing Christians and destroying villages and towns like a ravenous wolf.  In the CAR the UN is calling for more UN troops on the ground to quell the violence there.  They are protraying a war war between the Muslims and the Christians, with both attacking each other with what can only be described as heinous and demonic.  They are still removing dozens of bodies from streets today that have been hacked to pieces or burned.  (More)

Soon, the world will be enveloped in darkness and chaos.  It’s in the Bible.  Then you will be faced with this very choice.  What will you do?  What will you choose?  Man or God?

Right now, choose to be informed, choose to pray for peace in these regions.  Speak out to your Representatives, ask your Church leaders to speak out, and get behind those who dare to speak out, before this right is torn from us.  Pray for our Brother’s and Sisters as they face this evil.

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