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WRITE TO ENCOURAGE Pastor Behnam Irani imprisoned in Iran

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Pastor Behnam Irani with his family

Behnam Irani, is a pastor from Karaj, Iran, convicted of crimes against national security in January 2011 and sentenced to one year in prison.

Officers from the Ministry of Intelligence and National Security (MOIS) raided Irani’s house church on April 14, 2010, and assaulted him before taking him into custody. Although he was released on bail two months after his arrest, he later received the one-year prison sentence.

When Irani voluntarily began serving his sentence in May 2011, he was prepared to spend one year in prison. But he received a letter in October stating that he must now serve five years from his previous sentence.

Irani was first arrested in December 2006 and tried for crimes against national security. He was released in January 2007 but was soon re-arrested, tried and sentenced to five years in prison. Irani was never called to serve the sentence that is now being held against him.

For the first few months of his sentence, Behnam Irani was held in solitary confinement in a very small cell. Afterward, he was moved to another small cell with other prisoners. The room was so full, the prisoners were not able to lie down to sleep, so they had to sit all day and night. The room also got very hot. Prison authorities had beaten him regularly. All his hair has turned white.

Irani became a pastor in 2002, 10 years after becoming a Christian.

Now imprisoned for 18 months, Pastor Behnam Irani needs our encouragement and our prayers. Though his body is sick, (is still facing intestinal bleeding. His family is very concerned because his brother died from intestinal cancer.) his faith remains strong and is full of the joy of the Lord. He is definitely not weak and discouraged there in prison. Pray for his healing and doors will be opened for the surgery that is needed. Pray that God would strengthen and encourage his faith. And pray for Pastor Irani’s wife and family as they are forced to endure hardships while living without him.

Pastor Irani with his wife

Pastor Irani with his wife


When writing your letters, please do not state anything negative about the Iranian government. Do not mention any foreign organization, or church that is supporting the efforts to free Christian prisoners. While it is safe for prisoners to receive encouraging letters, naming an organization or church, or criticizing the Iranian government could potentially place Pastor Irani in more harm. Please do not do anything to make matters any worse for him. Including Bible verses in your letter is encouraged.

Send your letters to:

Behnam Irani Ghezelhesar
road – opposite Shahid
Chamran barracks
Penitentiary Prison in Karaj-Section 2
Hall 7
Postal code: 3187694111
Thank you for your love and concern for our persecuted family in Christ!
UPDATE: Pastor Irani Beaten in Prison and Taken to Unknown Location 



  1. Pastor Irani- You made a choice to worship King Jesus. I am sure you did not fully understand that this meant a prison term at the hands of His enemies. But, you chose the reproach of Christ and bore His cross and yours. John looked up from his prison exile on Patmos and saw the THRONE of Christ and there were billions of spiritual creatures attending to His majestic worship. John needed this vision to cope with his exile. Millions of martyred souls were under the altar before the THRONE. They were told that more of us will follow. There was absolutely no fear in their hearts for the threats, violence and death they suffered, they just wondered how long before God’s vengeance comes. God said “Wait”. Others, including myself are being persecuted in America for believing in God’s sacred marriage agreement. We suffer in three ways, 1: Being stigmatized and censored 2) being imprisoned or boycotted 3) Being killed physically-“So John saw the souls of those beheaded for the testimony of Christ (Rev. 20:3-5).
    Beloved Pastor, as Elisha told his servant, “There are more with us than are against us” We loved you, and are on our knees this very moment in prayer for you! Charles Walter Doughty-Evangelist

  2. Can the letters be mailed from with normal postage from US, or do I need to go to the post office and get a special form?

  3. Darren says:

    In the name of Jesus Christ please release pastor Benham and other Christian captured, you have no right to do this to Gods Children and those who captured him please turn your hearts to God and understand about his love for you,, you can kill the body but cannot kill the spirit but worry about the one who can and that is God, the creator. The words of The Lord will live forever. God Bless you

  4. Bro Justice says:

    Please pastor…Dont forget that God is aware of everything happening to you….believe me you will never go unrewarded….The bible told us to rejoice in the presence of persecution for so were persecuted they the prophets which were before us…..So Dont give up your faith….God is in control……prayers always for you from africa

  5. […] WRITE TO ENCOURAGE Pastor Behnam Irani imprisoned in Iran […]

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