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Egypt: Christian Syrian Family Slaughtered

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A Christian Syrian family living in Alexandria, Egypt, was barbarically stabbed to death Monday in their home in the al-Ibrahimya neighborhood, Arabic media are reporting.

The family consisted of a father, 44, his wife, 35, their 6-year-old son, Michael, and the wife’s brother [other reports claim the wife’s sister].

After the murders, the house, where the family had been living for years, was set on fire by the murderers before being put out by authorities.

All four bodies were found bearing several stab wounds and other signs of extreme violence.

The wife and child had their throats slit, while the father appeared to have been stabbed to death.

Motive is currently unknown; the home was not robbed.

According to some preliminary reports, they were killed because they were supporters of the Bashar Assad government in Syria.

Islamists all around the Middle East and especially in Egypt strongly oppose and are supporting a jihad against the moderate Assad government in an attempt to oust it and set up a Sharia state in Syria.

Most religious minorities, including Christians, are supportive of the secular Assad regime, having seen the great violence done against fellow Christians by the Islamic rebels who deem them “infidels.”



  1. Equipping The Saints says:

    Thank you for today’s information. Please keep up your good work.
    Blessings to you,
    Pastor/Equipping The Saints
    Philippians 3:10, “That I might know Him,”

  2. My eyes are being opened to the plight of millions in The east who are suffering for no other reason than they call themselves CHRISTIAN. The underlying tenant of our U.S. leadership is somewhat compared to the soft capitulary attitude in Europe toward the Muslim invasions of the past. Just as they thought a pacifistic or conciliatory posture would curtail their blood lust and hostility, so do many in Washington believe the same today. May God raise up some men and women in leadership, who will sympathize with millions whose precious lives hang in the balance. Even Vladmir Putin wants an international recognition of these crimes against civilization. In this, he is more righteous than Barak Obama, who says he opposes terrorism in The U.S., but gives terrorists so many protective rights it is virtually impossible to prosecute them. On the other hand, he and his government try to interfere with Syria and Egypt who have the same problem with terrorist, but chose “a get tough with terrorists approach”. So we are tempted to say, “On whose side is the Indonesian-Hawaiian man on? I confess, being a fighter in heart and spirit, I can only pray that God will give grace and wisdom in this matter. I also pray that we make this “The battle is the Lords”, in such a way that we will see things happening beyond our comprehension and ability in The East, and here in America as we suffer for our views regarding “Sacred marriage of man and woman?. You have succeeded in enlisting me as a prayer partner, and I read your Emails daily, and pray for each suffering person, and situations by name. Evangelist Charles Walter Doughty

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