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Forgive or Forget: Survivors of genocide in the Holocaust, Rwanda & Cambodia

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Forgive or Forget
By C. Refsland/VOP Advocate: Today is Holocaust remembrance day, and as I was preparing a post to remind us not to forget the horrors, I ran across this video. As tears came to my eyes, I realized I had to share this.

The public must become aware of genocide in the past, and present.  We are commanded to forgive, we are commanded to be a ‘Light Unto the World.’  As we remember the past and see it repeating itself today, let us band together in prayer, prayer for the innocents, prayer for those carrying out these atrocities to turn from wickedness into the arms of a forgiving God.

We are commanded to remember those suffering and in bondage as if we were with them.  For we are one body!  One Body in Christ.  My prayer for all the victims, is to find peace and comfort in the arms of our loving Savior.

Watch the harrowing testimonies of Freddie Knoller, Sophie Masereka and Sokphal Din, who lived through mass killings during the second world war, the Rwandan genocide and the Cambodian Killing Fields. The three work closely with the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust charity to raise awareness of genocide in the hope that others will be spared similar horrors.

*Warning* Graphic Content

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