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Nigeria: Islamic Militants Torch Church, Legislator’s Home And 8 Killed In Attack On Christian Village

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Multiple outlets are reporting that four days after suspected Boko Haram members burnt down a church and the residence of Hon. Peter Biye, a member of the House of Representatives, Sabon Gari Village in Hambagda Jaji ward of Gwoza Local Government Area of Borno state killed 8 people. Several villagers sustained injuries from gunshot wounds.

Prior to the incident, Hon. Biye had claimed from the start of the endless attacks by Boko Haram, about 200 churches have been completely destroyed, leaving only about eight churches standing in the mainly Christian area.

On January 8, 2014, eight gunmen stormed the Christian community at about 8p.m and opened fire on the residents. They took about 70 domestic animals then set the buildings ablaze.

They burnt grain that was to be given to the poor, 30,000 books, sewing machines, generating pump machines, chalk and pens, among others items at the cost of about 250,000 USD for distribution to schools and people in his district. They were able to flee without being arrested.

Biye had alerted authorities about plans by the terrorists to attack his village, but his plea to deploy its men to the area fell on deaf ears. He is disappointed in the lack of concern by security officals to protect his constituency, one of the worst hit areas by the radical Islamist group.

Hon. Peter Biye, the only Christian House member from Borno State, grieved over the fact that since he was elected by the people, there had been daily attacks targeting Christians in Gwoza, Chibok and Damboa Local Government Areas. Due to risks, he has been unable to visit the communities, including his family members for the last two years.

In this report, he is quote as saying,

“What is happening in my constituency is very unfortunate, people are being killed by terrorists on daily basis, churches are being burnt, and if people like my Honourable self, who is also a member House Committee on Army will alert military authorities that based on intelligent report my village will be under attack by terrorists, and nothing was done to secure the area, then it is unfortunate, because an ordinary citizen of this country, especially those from volatile areas are no longer safe or protected by our security outfit,” he said.

“As I am talking to you now, I have spent over two years without going to see my people because I am no longer safe, all my projects which was aimed at alleviating the economic hardship of my people have been destroyed’ there was a time I sent my contractors to construct a health centre in Gwoza town, when they dug the foundation, a day after, some Boko Haram elements went and buried everything,” he lamented.



  1. AmNotAshamed says:

    What is taking place in Africa goes unnoticed by the west and the church for the most part. There are missionary’s there, and I pray they are safe. I pray for the innocents in this part of the world. And we all need to remember Paul tells us to remember their suffering as if we were with them. Praying for safety, comfort, peace, and rest. And daily needs for water and food and shelter be met.

  2. Thank you for your continued reporting on the persecution of the church.Blessings,
    Pastor/Equipping The Saints

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