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Iranian Christian Converts Arrested On Christmas – How Should We Respond To These Acts

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Reports from Iran indicate that five Christian converts from a house-church in eastern Tehran were arrested during a Christmas celebration. Iranian Christian converts face constant restrictions and persecution.

In a report published by Mohabat News, we learn Iranian security authorities raided a house owned by Mr. Hosseini, where a group of Christians had gathered on Christmas Eve. Those arrested are Mr. Hosseini , Ahmad Bazyar, Faegheh Nasrollahi, Mastaneh Rastegari, and Amir-Hossein Ne’matollahi.

The report stated: “These Christians had gathered to worship and celebrate birth of Jesus.”

The NCRI, a Foreign Affairs Committee of Human Rights in Iran reported that security forces and plainclothes agents raided the residence, arrested the Christians and seized their books, CDs, computer laptop and satellite receiver. Adding in their report that “security forces also raided the neighbor who was watching the scene and threatened him to keep silent.

Mohabat News reported that the authorities had searched the neighbors house, insulted and beat the father of the family and then warned them not to speak with anyone about what they had witnessed. Excessive and an extreme form of intimidation.

There is no update about the whereabouts or condition of these arrested Christians.

Iran has intensified their pressure and threats against Christians.  And during the last few Christmas seasons, intimidation and surveillance of churches has increased.

In the past few years Christian converts have been arrested or faced other persecution during the Christmas holiday.  A large number of Christians converts were arrested in Tehran as part of pre-organized attacks by government authorities.

Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian president, sent Pope Francis Christmas greetings  while his government continues to harass Iranian Christians and restrict their freedom.

As we who are free to worship and celebrate the birth of Christ openly and in joy, the threats by the Iranian Islamic regime makes this season a different experience for the faithful in Iran. Be grateful and do not take the rights we’ve been given for granted. We must do all we can to ensure those rights are not taken away. We must also remember those who are being oppressed for their faith in Christ.
As persecution rapidly spreads, sitting idly by while our brothers and sisters suffer extreme abuse is inexcusable. Stop being a part of why it continues. We must use our VOICES to advocate and speak out against these atrocities. We must inform others so they too can join us and will learn of this under-reported humanitarian crisis. Ask your elected officials what they are doing to combat the war against Christians. Demand straight answers for a solution. We can make a difference! If we don’t do something about this now, do not be surprised when it is at your door!

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  1. AmNotAshamed says:

    I agree, while there are some who seem to be listening, the silence is still deafening. Meantime the talks with Iran are resuming in Geneva, and this government is intent on working with Iran. There should be no talks, no ease of sanctions or anything else until they release Christians and vow to stop the persecution. The churches should be shouting like they did for Phil Robertson. God expects us to be His light, His voice in a dark world.

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