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A Shining Light On A Hill-Would Your Light Shine If You Were Faced With Death Or Torture?

United with the Persecuted


Share their stories Knowledge is power!



Thankful for my sweet sister in Christ for sharing this!


I have received an email from a Brother in Christ.  I can not post it here, for security reasons.  I can’t really give any information except that they are following God’s plan for their lives, and witnessing and converting others to Christ.  When I read the Letter, I cried.  I cried tears of Joy for the testimony of how others most specifically Muslims are coming to Christ!  I cried for the pain of their testimony of persecution including torture and death, at the hands of Muslim Militants.  I cried with tears of shame, that I would grumble about my problems when these dear brothers and sisters face hunger, condemnation, torture and even death. They are facing this at this very minute.  This very minute some of them are being tortured and killed, all because they believe in Christ, and are trying to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and use them for the harvest.

Matthew 5:14  ‘You are the light of the world.  A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.’ 


Jesus expected His church to be this shining light on a hill.  A light that could not be hidden or extinguished.  If you were told that if you didn’t denounce Christ,  you would die!  What would you do?  Would you run, would you hide your light?  What would you do?  These Brothers and Sisters are faced with this daily, hourly and they let their light shine brighter!  Pastor Saeed Abidini is a prime example of this, he is in the worst prison in Iran because of His belief in Christ, and instead of curling up, hiding his light, like they want, he has brought 30 people into the Body of Christ.  Praise God!  But think about it for a minute.  If your family told you ‘I will kill you if you follow Christ’ or if you were sitting in church one day, when masked men with guns, machetes or any other weapon busted through the door and said who is Christian!?  You will die, how would you react, would you stand proudly and announce that you are Christian, or would you run and hide? 

This is real!!  This is really happening!!  They are facing great tribulation, persecution, torture and death.  This is not a conspiracy theory, or something that is made up.  This is real!!  And the Bible say’s this evil will overtake the whole world. 

All these Brothers and Sisters want is our prayer’s and words of support!  They want prayer for the starving children, they want prayer for protection, they want prayer for their basic needs like clothing, shelter to be realized. 

It’s time for the church to take off it’s blinders and pay attention!

So Christians, lets make some noise and let these Brothers and Sisters know that we are sending much love, prayer and encouragement their way.  When Stephen was faced with death by stoning, he looked  up and said:  ‘Look I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!

Read more at A Shining Light On A Hill-Would Your Light Shine If You Were Faced With Death Or Torture?.

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