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A Christian Man Threatened And Harassed By Land Mafia

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karachiIn line with details, Phillip Anwar, a Christian man residing in Islamabad has sent a desperate message for help to Pakistan Christian Post; urging immediate help to save him and his family from constant threats from his rival Rana Muhammad Fahim; forcing him to give up his Christian faith and embrace Islam followed by stealing his savings and tearing down his business.

In 2009, Phillip Anwar leased a shop for business from Rana Muhammad Fahim Ahmad without confirmation of real ownership of the property. He regularly paid rent to Rana Muhammad Fahim every month until the discovery that Rana Muhmmad Fahim is not the real owner of the property. Till that point of time he had already lavishly spent money on this shop turning it into a gents saloon. His shop located in an exclusive market of Islamabad earned him handsome amounts with many employees working for him.

Later in 2012, discovered that his rented shop was actually owned by Taj Muhammad; subsequently, started paying Taj Muhammad monthly rent, instead of Rana Muhammad Fahim. Seeing this, Rana Muhammad Fahim became infuriated threatening Phillip of dire consequences.

It was on September, 13, 2012 at about 9:30 PM that Rana Muhammad Fahim along with his co-conspirators burst into Phillips shop. They were carrying lethal weapons and immediately started damaging the shop property, bashing the workers of Phillip Anwar with the intention to take possession of the shop.

During this episode of blatant vandalism, Rana Muhammad Fahim pointed his pistol at me and brought me on street hitting with arms. The attackers on my saloon broke out my shop sign boards and put up their own locks,” says Phillip Anwar.

Phillip called for emergency police help who took them to the police station, instead of lodging a report against Rana Muhammad Fahim and his accomplice. They then detained Phillip Anwar and his brother. Later on Phillip Anwar got an FIR registered against Rana Muhammad Fahim as a result of the frantic run to the local courts and police officials.

Copy of Phillip Anwar’s letter:

 “This is Philip from Pakistan and religiously a Christian. My religious affinity has become not only the enemy of myself, but my family also. Last time, I had contracted for a shop with a Muslim friend who betrayed me and breached the contract which cost me lot of money, what I’m still not able to make up.

I’ve a family of five members including myself. Three daughters and my wife are not only depending on me, but are also finding their future in my future. I am being life-threatened and harassed and my family is suffering due to that. My financial status has weakened so much I’m not able to pay the school fee of my children for the last three months.

My opponents are rich and resourceful and they are unleashing their anger on me through different means like police and fake cases etc. The people here and their designs forced me even to convert my religious affinity through various means the proof of which is attached in the following e-mail. It is not evidently mentioned in the evidences due to fear of a severe religious backlash. This would seem a common situation for religious minorities here, but my case is more particular and pathetic as well. I would be highly grateful to you if you consider my problems on urgent and humanitarian basis.”

Christians in Pakistan

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