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News Brings Hope As Pastor Imprisoned In Iran Learns About #SaveSaeed Campaign

United with the Persecuted


Share their stories Knowledge is power!



How can we sit back and do nothing, while innocent people are tortured and abused? How can we call ourselves civilized? Have we really become that desensitized? Have our hearts really grown so cold? What have we become? The silence is deafening!
As long as we have our freedom to do so, STAND UP for those who need you! One day they may stand for you!
We must increase our effort to bring Pastor Saeed’s story to the world. Our actions could SAVE HIS LIFE! If you have not already done so, please sign the International petition #Save Saeed. Our brother needs us!
ACT NOW, we are short 57,175 signatures needed by the beginning of March. Please share this link and ask all you know to SIGN! To those outside of America, we need your signatures too!
I pray God stirs your heart to action and may peace be upon you all.


The ACLJ reports:

Yesterday, Saeed’s Iranian family was able to visit Saeed in Evin Prison and tell him the truth about the outpouring of love and concern for him across America.

The Iranian prison guards told Saeed we’d abandoned him, that he was forgotten and alone.  Saeed’s family told him that hundreds of thousands of Americans had signed petitions for his freedom, and they told him of the musicians who were all rallying to support him and call for his freedom.

His wife, Naghmeh told us how much the musicians’ support touched his heart:

When I first met Saeed, music was an important part of worship and prayer.  He would often listen to Christian radio. When he heard about Savesaeed.org and the number of artists that he admired he was encouraged by their involvement – advocating for his release. It brought him hope as he suffers in his dark prison.

While Saeed’s spirit is strong – stronger now that he knows he is far from forgotten – his treatment is still intolerable.  He reports he is being abused physically and psychologically.  We must redouble our efforts to #SaveSaeed.  The first U.N. meetings are in early March, and we want to tell the U.N. that 300,000 Americans have called on the international community to demand Saeed’s release.  More than 240,000 have signed, and thousands more are signing each day.

Now is the time.  Sign the petition to Save Saeed Your support helps keep hope alive!

To learn more about Pastor Saeed Abedini, wrongfully imprisoned in Iran click here

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