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Pastor Saeed Abedini Urgently Needs Our Help!

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From the American Center of Law and Justice

American Pastor Saeed Abedini’s Iranian lawyer was finally permitted to see Saeed’s court file.  What he discovered is that Pastor Saeed’s trial has been set for January 21, 2013, one week from today.

It is an outrage that Pastor Saeed’s trial date and charge against him would be withheld from his legal counsel until less than a week before the trial itself.  Not only is Iran violating Pastor Saeed’s fundamental freedom of religion, but it is making a mockery of “justice.”

Even more disturbing, the only charge that Pastor Saeed’s attorney was able to decipher dates back to the year 2000, the year that Pastor Saeed converted from Islam to Christianity. The supposed charge levied against him, actions against the national security of Iran, is a typical charged brought by the radical Islamic regime against those it wishes to persecute for their religious beliefs.  His court file indicated that this national security charge was directly related to his work starting a house church movement in Iran.

As we know from Pastor Youcef’s case, who was also involved in house churches, charges related to apostasy (converting to Christianity) can carry the death sentence in Iran.  This coupled with the fact that, as Saeed stated in his recent letter, he has been told that he “will hang” for his “faith in Jesus” and that his case has been turned over to one of Iran’s notorious “hanging judges” clearly indicates that Pastor Saeed is in grave danger. READ MORE HERE


We need our senators and congressmen to be contacted this week (before Saeed’s trial on Monday). In order to do this, ACLJ has created a link that you can go to in order to get the information of your senator and congressmen. If you go to the site and type in your zip code, depending on your state, the name of your senators and congressmen comes up….you need to use that information to call and e-mail your congressman and senators to ask them to add their names and to sign on to Representative Aderholt’s letter in the House and Senator Risch’s letter in the Senate calling for Pastor Saeed’s freedom. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND SENATOR RISCH OR REPRESENTATIVE ADERHOLT SINCE THEY ARE THE ONES INITIATING THE LETTER.

UPDATE 1/17/2013

37 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and 12 U.S. Senators sent letters to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on behalf of Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith.

The bipartisan House letter, led by Representative Robert Aderholt (AL-04), urged Secretary Clinton to demand Pastor Saeed’s immediate and unconditional release, asking her to “leave no stone unturned” in efforts to bring Pastor Saeed to safety.

The House letter concluded:

We are both mindful of the fact that the United States does not have diplomatic relations with Iran and grateful for your faithful condemnation of Iran’s human rights record. However, we believe there is still a great deal of good that the State Department can and should do on behalf of Mr. Abedini, one of our own citizens. We respectfully request that you leave no stone unturned in your efforts to bring Mr. Abedini home to his family. We believe that strong and sustained advocacy from the State Department would do much to rally the voice of the world against this wrongful detainment. As such, we stand ready to join with you in demanding Mr. Abedini’s full, immediate, and unconditional exoneration and release.

The Senate letter concluded:

We are grateful for your consistent condemnation of the Iranian regime’s actions that violate religious freedoms and we believe your voice can motivate countries and international organizations that have diplomatic relations with Iran to action. Although the United States does not have diplomatic relations with Iran, we strongly encourage the State Department to exhaust all efforts to secure Mr. Abedini’s prompt return. Saeed’s efforts to provide humanitarian relief and exercise fundamental human rights should be applauded not condemned. We should not stand idly by while the Iranian regime arbitrarily persecutes a U.S. citizen who has committed no crime.

We believe these strong statements from members of the House and Senate are just the first of numerous political and governmental leaders to take a stand ActionRequired2for this persecuted pastor, and we join them in calling for the State Department to use all available means to secure Pastor Saeed’s freedom.

You can add your name to the over 100,000 Americans demanding Pastor Saeed’s release by signing the ACLJ’s petition to save Pastor Saeed today. SIGN HERE

The ACLJ would like to personally thank each of the following Members of Congress for their dedication to religious freedom and commitment to defending this American citizen from a sham trial in Iran for his religious beliefs. To see the list of the Members and the full ACLJ article click here

PRAYER REQUEST from Pastor Abedini’s wife:

Hi Dear Prayer Warriors,

If you are in Boise area, there will be a prayer meeting held for Saeed’s upcoming trial at 5 PM (mountain time) at Calvary Chapel Boise at the Preschool building Room 108.

For those of you in other parts of the world and in the US. Saeed’s trial starts 9 AM Monday Morning Tehran time  which is 9:30 PM Sunday night (January 20) Pacific time, 10:30 PM Mountain Time… (Sunday January 20) and 12:30 Midnight Eastern Time…(which would be Monday, January 21) .

Please encourage gatherings and prayer meetings for Sunday afternoon/Sunday night as Saeed will be preparing to go on trial.
I believe in the power of prayer. Our God is mighty. Thank you for standing with us in prayer during this time.

Love, Naghmeh


UPDATE 1/18/2013


Although the National Security Council has made a statement, there has not been a statement by US Department of State for Saeed’s release. Please continue to contact US Department and ask them that they do what they can to get Saeed released. SIGN HERE

Thank you!

For previous post about Pastor Abedini click HERE

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